Partypoker Turns UK Championship into Another Hybrid Event

Partypoker Turns UK Championship into An additional Hybrid Occasion

Partypoker is giving its reside-on-line hybrid innovation a second outing later this month with the UK Championship.

Dusk Til Dawn

Partypoker is expecting a huge turnout at Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn casino for its upcoming UK Poker Championship. (Image:

Partypoker embraced the post-COVID carryover of hosting things online, turning its Malta series into a crossover event. An initial selection of Malta Championship MTTs took place on Partypoker from March 17 to 31.

The action then crossed over to a reside setting with the final run of events at the moment taking spot at Malta’s Portomaso Casino until April 4. Developing on this, Partypoker announced this week that it will use the identical hybrid format for its UK Championship.

The UK Championship gets underway on April 16. A selection of as-yet-unannounced MTTs will take location on Partypoker ahead of the on-line leg concludes on April 28 with Day 1A of the £600 ($790) principal occasion. From there, the series will move to Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn. Like the online portion of the series, the £500,000 ($660,000) guaranteed primary occasion will be flanked by a selection of side events that will run till Might 2.

Partypoker has however to finalize the complete line-up of tournaments, but this week’s announcement confirmed that there will be a mix of high and low get-in events, as effectively as satellites beginning at $.01.

Dusk Till Dawn owner Rob Yong will be in attendance, as should numerous of the UK’s circuit regulars. However, given that 50% of the festival will take location on the internet, UK Championship titles could be won by anybody on Partypoker’s network.

Partypoker UK Championship

Partypoker has announced its second reside-online hybrid tournament series, this time for the UK Championship. (Image: Twitter/Partypoker)

Hosting a complete tournament series both on the web and reside may seem like an clear notion offered that Partypoker has a footing in both worlds. Nonetheless, the format has only started to gain traction right after a two-year pandemic.

With poker players now conditioned to playing higher-profile tournaments such as the WSOP Primary Event on the web, organizers think the time is correct to innovate. Partypoker has taken the lead and the UK Championship will be another possibility to see if hybrid tournaments strike the proper balance among convenience and entertainment.