In Memory: Everygame Poker Tribute to the Pros We’ve Lost in the Past Year

In Memory: Everygame Poker Tribute to the Pros We’ve Lost in the Past Year

The global poker neighborhood has had some ups and downs this year. Whilst celebrating the return of live poker games, we also had to say goodbye to some beloved poker pros. Now it’s the correct time to remember those the poker community has lost in this&nbspEverygame poker&nbsptribute.

Right here is a partial list of poker pros we’ve lost considering that the beginning of 2021:

Henry Orenstein

Henry Orenstein was born in 1923 in Poland, and he had a really turbulent life. As a Holocaust survivor, he moved to the US soon after the war, where he quickly became a toy manufacturer of epic proportions.

Over the years, he held a lot more than 100 various patents. Some have been related to toys – as he was involved in the creation of the Transformers toys. And interestingly enough, some have been poker connected. For example, he was accountable for making a device to detect and display hole cards in poker games.

It took Orenstein about six months to invent a table with non-glare glass panes that permitted cameras to show the players’ cards, which revolutionized the way poker is getting televised.

But Orenstein wasn’t only an inventor, as he also played poker for exciting. In addition to winning one particular WSOP bracelet, he was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame back in 2008. Orenstein passed away in December 2021 at the age of 98.

David Valdez

David “Beast” Valdez, a 29-years-old poker player from California passed away unexpectedly in April 2021. According to reports, the result in of death was possibly a heart attack.

Valdez very first started playing and winning live poker games in 2013, and given that then, he managed to make $374,010 in live earnings. The rising star won 3 WSOP gold rings, in addition to winning a handful of Planet Poker Tour, WPTDeepStacks, and Ante Up Poker Tour side events.

He spent most of his time at the Thunder Valley Casino Resort, exactly where he was named the “casino champ” in 2020. Following hearing about his sudden death, the neighborhood poker community was left in shock, as Valdez was a significant element of the California poker scene.

Dusty Schmidt

Known in the on the web poker globe as “Leatherass”, Dusty Schmidt utilized to be a properly-identified player. In addition to generating a name for himself by winning games on-line, he also wrote two poker books that beginning poker players discover from: “Treat Your Poker Like a Enterprise” and “Do not Listen to Phil Hellmuth: Correcting the 50 Worst Pieces of Poker Guidance”.

All through his career, he won much more than $four million in cash games, but that is not the only issue Schmidt was recognized for! His second passion in life was golf, which he was rather productive at, as he broke two of Tiger Woods’ junior records, generating him a leading-ranked golfer.

On December 2, 2021, Schmidt’s death was announced by golf pro Kevin Na in a social media post. Even so, the trigger of death wasn’t shared with the public, even though it is widespread expertise that Schmidt suffered a heart attack at a younger age.

Kelvin Beattie

The Aussie poker neighborhood has received some sad news at the end of February 2022, as it was announced that poker pro, Kelvin Beattie passed away right after a extended battle with cancer.

Identified in the on-line poker circuit as “Aces_up4108”, Beattie was really a legend more than a decade ago. And even though he wasn’t as invested in playing live poker tournaments, generating only $194,574 in live earnings, he flourished whilst playing online. According to nicely-known sources, his on the web poker earnings accumulated to $four,516,701.

According to a statement created by his family members, Beattie was 1st diagnosed with cancer a number of years ago, but he went into remission. After regaining his well being, he went back to playing online poker. But for the duration of the pandemic, he got sick again and quietly passed away ten months later.

In Conclusion

The poker neighborhood is mainly a close-knit group, and every time a poker pro passes away – it affects us all. Might the folks we’ve lost rest in peace.