Man Steals 1,800 Identities to Fraudulently Play Poker On the web

Man Steals 1,800 Identities to Fraudulently Play Poker On the internet

Poker-connected fraud situations make the news every as soon as in a while, but they have a tendency to be smaller sized-scale crimes. This time about, even so, a man from New Jersey committed fraud of epic proportions. News reports state that the police have arrested a man who stole 1,800 identities to play poker on the web and spot bets on the internet without having limitations. But that is not all!

What do we know about this man and his actions? And what may possibly the future hold for him? Understand the answers to these questions, and a lot much more, NOW!

Most current News of the Gambling Fraud Case

Casey Ennis, a 44-year-old man from Audubon, New Jersey, was arrested this week for a number of fraud cases. The investigation against him lasted for 17 months, and lots of intriguing data was uncovered in the approach.

Initial and foremost, he was accused of stealing the identities and credit card info of much more than 1,800 people to produce accounts at on the web gambling venues.

In addition to that, it is believed that he used some of the stolen identities to run a rewards scheme. According to reports, he managed to steal far more than $52,000 from the state’s unemployment plan.

But when it comes to the on the web gambling allegations, not a lot of particulars have been revealed. We nevertheless do not know how a lot money Ennis has stolen whilst opening on the internet casino accounts or how he got his hands on the private details of thousands of men and women. Nonetheless, some say that his past job as a tax preparer provided him with the opportunity to steal identities.

The police report states that Ennis was charged with identity and credit card theft, computer-connected crimes, forgery, theft by deception, and possession of drugs – which have been found following the police searched his property.

The entire scheme came to light soon after numerous victims approached the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. They claimed that online casino accounts were produced in their name and that somebody transferred funds without having their expertise or authorization.

What Does the Law Say?

Even although Ennis was accused of committing a number of crimes, identity theft is possibly the most serious and prominent 1. If the matter reaches the court, he may well be found guilty of violating the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act.

According to the department of justice, the law prohibits the following: “knowingly transfer[ring] or us[ing], without lawful authority, a signifies of identification of yet another individual with the intent to commit, or to aid or abet, any unlawful activity[…]”

If Ennis is found guilty of identity theft, he may possibly have to spend a considerable fine and spend up to 15 years in prison.

Ennis has committed other federal offences, such as computer fraud, identification fraud, and a lot more. If the state decides to charge him with violating these federal laws as nicely, each and every of them can add up to 30 years to his imprisonment, far more fines, and other penalties.

In Conclusion

Considering that the scheme was uncovered pretty not too long ago, there is nonetheless no understanding what sort of punishment Ennis will have to endure. Once the magnitude of his crimes is revealed, it will be simpler to assess how the law will treat this fraudster.

Following his arrest, Ennis was released and is now waiting for a court date to be scheduled. Who knows? Possibly he will be in a position to sign a deal and stay away from some of the harsher punishments he faces. Remain tuned, as we will offer you with additional information on the case once it becomes obtainable!

Crucial to note:  Ennis did NOT steal the identities via the on the internet casinos or poker rooms.  These are super-secure with digital encryption of the highest level.  No worries!

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