Bengt Sonnert Becomes a Globe Poker Tour Champion

Bengt Sonnert Becomes a Planet Poker Tour Champion

Bengt Sonnert

Several pot-limit Omaha players claim Sweden’s Bengt Sonnert is 1 of the ideal PLO players in the planet, specially those who have shared a table with him. Sonnert added weight to these claims by taking down the $two,one hundred Omaha Championship occasion at partypoker on August 23.

The tournament attracted 161 entrants, who designed a assure-busting $322,000 prize pool. Only 24 of those starters made it by way of to Day two, every of them guaranteed to stroll away with at least $4,911. It was Sonnert’s day, however, and he was worthy of the title and the tournament’s $71,239 prime prize.

WPT #02 Omaha Championship Final Table Benefits

Location Player Country Prize
1 Bengt Sonnert Sweden $71,239
two Patrick Hyllegaard Denmark $49,032
three Anton Suarez Sweden $34,556
4 Veselin Karakitukov Bulgaria $23,639
five Jesper Nordkvist Brodin Sweden $17,204
six Kristoffer Jakobsson Sweden $13,454
7 Shuxrat Salixov Uzbekistan $ten,920

Twenty-4 players sat down on Day 2 of the WPT #02 Omaha Championship, and what a final 24 they have been. Such luminaries as Yuri Dzivielevski (24th – $four,911), Andras Nemeth (21st – $4,911), Niklas Astedt (17th – $five,156), Ola Amundsgaard (14th – $six,118), Joao Simao (9th – $9,084), and Ka Kwan Lau (8th – $9,084), fell quick of the seven-handed final table.

Every single of the seven finalists guaranteed themselves a five-figure score, but they all wanted the victory, which came with $71,239 and adoration from their fans.

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Shuxrat Salixov was the 1st finalist to bow out, and Kristoffer Jakobsson joined him on the sidelines shortly right after. Jakobsson was a single of four Swedish stars at this final table.

Jakobsson’s fellow Swede Jesper Norkvist Brodin fell in fifth location. He committed his stack preflop with a pair of aces in the hole against Veselin Karakitukov’s queens, but Karakitukov flopped trip tens to send Nordkvist Brodin property earlier than he would have liked.

Karakitukov was the subsequent player heading for the showers regardless of boosting his stack with the prior elimination. A preflop raising war against Sonnert left Karakitukov with a quarter-pot-sized bet left in his stack. These chips went into the middle with a pair of aces on an all-heart six-high flop. Sonnert did not have the flush, but he had flopped a straight.

Former MILLIONS UK Major Occasion champion Anton Suarez was the next player left questioning what could have been. Suarez raised all-in with prime pair top kicker on a jack-high flop after Sonnert had led out. Sonnert called with a pair of queens and a club flush draw, and improved to a flush on the river.

That hand gave Sonnert a large benefit going into heads-up against Patrick Hyllegaard he held 12,752,700 chips to the Dane’s three,347,300 stack. Hyllegaard showed indicators of generating a comeback, but Sonnert stopped any hopes of a comeback in its tracks.

The final hand saw all the chips go in on a king-high flop. Hyllegaard flopped two pair, kings and fives, but Sonnert held the nut flush draw and an open-ended straight draw, so created the get in touch with. The turn was a brick, but the nine of hearts river gifted Sonnert a flush, the title, and $71,239 in prize money.

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Luiz Orrico Crowned WPT #01 Opener Champion


The 2021 WPT Planet On the internet Championships has crowned its very first champion, and Brazil’s Luiz Orrico is that man. Orrico came out on top of a four,777-strong field in the $215 get-in $1 million guaranteed PKO event, and walked away with the title of champion and $93,751 in prize money.

Victory not only came with a hue payout, but it awarded Orrico precious WPTWOC Player of the Championship leaderboard points, providing him the chance to get his hands on a share of $50,000 money when the series concludes.

WPT #01 Opener Final Table Benefits

Spot Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Luiz Orrico Brazil $34,815 $58,936 $93,751
two Luiz Zattar Martins Jr Brazil $9,898 $58,828 $68,726
three Shawn Walbridge United Kingdom $two,429 $36,617 $39,046
4 Ilija Savevski Malta $4,317 $24,465 $28,782
five Jeniffer Ritter Da Silva Brazil $two,556 $16,710 $19,266
six Joel Nystedt Sweden $9,841 $11,866 $21,707
7 Jordan Warrilow United Kingdom $two,374 $eight,242 $ten,616

Some 704 players produced it by way of to Day 2 from much more than 3 dozen flights, each of them assured a slice of the major prize pool, plus any bounty payments they picked up along the way.

Several members of Group partypoker were present and correct on Day two, but none of them managed to navigate their way to the seven-handed final table.

Patrick Leonard (647th – $346), Day Kotoviezy (323rd – $551), Matt Staples (85th – $1,331), Jaime Staples (38th – $3,880), and Joao Simao (11th – $8,247) were the orange diamonds in the Day two field.

Each and every of the seven finalists locked in far more than $10,000 for their initial investment when bounty payments have been added to their major prize pool payout. British grinder Jordan Warrilow was the initial finalist out of the door, his seventh-place finish coming with a $ten,616 prize.

Joel Nystedt was the most skilled player at the final table, but he could not very put that expertise to full use, and he had to make do with a $21,707 payout. Thanks to the bounty element of The Opener, Nystedt collected slightly far more than the $19,266 haul enjoyed by fifth-place finisher Jeniffer Ritter Da Silva.

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Fourth location and $28,782 went to Malta-primarily based star Ilija Savevski prior to Shawn Walbridge of the United Kingdom ran out of steam in third, a finish worth $39,046.

Walbridge’s exit assured The Opener would be won by a Brazilian because it left Luiz Orrico heads-up against Luiz Zattar Martins Jr. Both heads-up players secured virtually $59,000 from the primary prize pool, but the final bounty payment was practically nothing short of enormous, so there was every thing to play for.

Orrico managed to defeated his fellow countryman, resulting in a $34,815 bounty payment getting added to his $58,936 1st-location prize, for a combined score of $93,751. Martins Jr walked away with $68,726 reasons to be delighted with his runner-up finish.

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